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Nautical Tumble Sampler Quilt – Block One – 36 Patch

Do you love long walks along the dunes in the moonlight? Are you longing to take an ocean voyage? Want to feel the sand between your toes? Come join me in making the Nautical Tumble and revel in your love of the sea!

I’m having a blast working on this quilt. This Sampler will have Nautical themed applique blocks alternating with different “intensely” pieced blocks.

NT 36 Patch

While the blocks are assembled to be 12 1/2″ square, we will eventually trim them into a tumbler shape. These are going to make a GREAT quilt. But if those tumbler shapes scare you, rest assured you can leave the blocks at 12 1/2″ and still make a very wonderful quilt.  The Pattern PDF for the Nautical Tumble – One – 36 Patch is below at the end of this post.

Unfortunately, I can’t get my computer to cooperate to make a mock up of this quilt.  So you’ll have to follow along and trust me.  I can just tell you… I’m loving it!  There’s also a preview of more blocks at the end of this post.

If you need the Supply List for the Nautical Tumble, follow this link…


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Follow along these Nautical Tumble blocks and you’ll practically feel the ocean spray upon your face.
Here is the First Nautical Tumble Block…

Nautical Tumble – One – 36 Patch PDF

Make A Great Quilt!

PS… Here’s a preview of Block Two of our Nautical Tumbler Quilt… The Tiffany Anchor will be posted next Saturday.

NT Anchor

And other future Nautical Tumble Blocks…

NT 5 across

Make A Great Quilt!

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