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Sunset And Vine Mystery Clue 6

Yes, Clue Five had an error in it and has been corrected. I am so sorry. I have double checked Clue 6 now as of early Thursday morn (Thanks Betty!) and with 48 Stand-Out squares cut, it is right. But it is more of your favorite blocks….

Flying Geese!

So I’m calling it “Retakes!”
When the director needs a something a little extra than what has already been filmed, the players are called back to the set to do a few more scenes. That is what we are doing this week… Retakes!

With this slick method, you will move through these Geese in no time! And it’s gonna be a fabulous quilt, I promise!

Here is the PDF for the Sunset And Vine Mystery Clue 6….

Sunset and Vine Mystery Clue 6 (corrected 8/9/12 4 am PDT)

Thanks for stopping by…

Make A Great Quilt!

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