21 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Mid Century Modern Sampler Quilt: Borders

WooHOO! We are ready for the BORDER on our Mid Century Modern quilt! And the border is…                     Color Blocks! We are repeating (or re-interpreting!) the design of the Tustin Color Block, this time using the Background as the “Sashing” instead of the Light, making a […]

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14 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Mid Century Modern Sampler Quilt Setting Instructions (Corrected 6/16 7:30 pm)

I’ve been doing this (making and designing quilts) long enough (15+ years!) to know I always feel this way… But… Didn’t we just start this Sampler Quilt with the Sputnik Block? And here we are finishing it off! Or, well, at least setting all the different sized blocks together!

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25 May 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Mid Century Modern Quilt Sampler Block 17 – Tustin Color Block

Although artist Piet Mondrian was born in 1872 and died in 1944, his influence was felt throughout the post war era. For example, Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s Fall 1965 Mondrian collection featured dresses in blocks of color with black bordering…

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22 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Mid Century Modern Sampler Quilt Block 6 Anaheim Rectangles

For those of you who have never visited the fair city of Anaheim, California, I apologize. This block is inspired by the large sign that once greeted visitors to the famous amusement park in Anaheim. The parks name was spelled out one letter to each rectangle. The sign is long gone but residents and visitors […]

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15 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Mid Century Modern Sampler Quilt Block 5 Buena Park Screen

Happy Quilting Day! Spend some time today quilting! Here’s a free pattern post. A grand example of Mid-Century Modern Architectural Design is the geometric cinder block screen. You have surely seen those decorative cinder blocks used alone or as a topper on a cinder block fence.

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15 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Mid-Century Modern Sampler Quilt Block 1 Sputnik!

Class Note:  Hooray! Due to the Judge’s previous commitments, we are not in court this Tuesday and Wednesday (2/18 & 19) (Monday is President’s Holiday… No Class, No Jury Service!) So WE ARE GOING TO HAVE CLASS on Tuesday (Muckenthaler and Buena Park) and Wednesday (Anaheim).  WHOOPPEE!!!! This is the first block post on a […]

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07 February 2014 ~ 3 Comments

Mid Century Modern Sampler Quilt Supply List

Woohoo! Spring is on its way! That means it’s time for our annual free sampler. This year our theme is Mid Century Modern.

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