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Modern Rails Doll Quilt

I know, I know… Doll quilts are usually traditional.  But I thought, what kind of quilt does today’s little girl want?  Surely, the trendy doll owner would like a trendy quilt!  And this one is easy!


Well maybe not totally easy… there are some half inch squares.  While the quilt is a traditional Rail Fence quilt, this block has a narrow pieced rail down its middle.  But if you wanted to make it even easier… Replace that pieced rail with a striped fabric!  Wow! Now that’s easy!

And I do love easy, don’t you?  Most of my designs are rather easy… so  check out all the exciting projects available here at LynBrown.com…

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Look around a while… You are sure to find a bit of inspiration!

The Modern Rails Doll Quilt Pattern is now available in the Fun and Easy Doll Quilt Pattern Pack on my Craftsy Store.

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