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Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Still looking for quick gifts to stitch? Here is a bevy of wonderful ideas gleaned from the web… Useful, appreciated gifts you CAN stitch!

20131215 082531 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Fleece Pillow Toys… So Cute!


20131215 082732 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Fabric Keychains… Everyone needs a spare!


20131215 082720 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Fabric Bins… Store most anything!


20131215 082743 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Fingerless Gloves...Upcycle an old sweater… Be warm but still work or play on your touch screen!


20131215 082542 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Hex Bowl… Great Decor!


20131215 082705 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

See Through Purse Pouch...What A Grand Idea!


20131215 082809 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Snappy coin purse… Love It!


20131215 081709 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

Dog Tie… Dress up your pets!


Many Thanks to all the talented bloggers referenced above.  What creativity!

And from this very blog… Another Holiday Idea…Or Two!

I took these photos on out last trip up the California coast to Cambria.  Lots of great antique stores up there.  I was enchanted by this quilted garland.  The gal at the store said she made it by cutting up a whole cloth quilt (Sob!) but I thought this would be a great use for our Practice Quilt Sandwiches!

20121221 061600 Gifts To Sew: Part Three
You know, those 18″ squares of muslin sandwiched with quilt batt used to practice our machine quilting? I’ve always looked for some use for them once they are filled (not that I’ve ever completely finished one!)
What you would do is slice the quilted sandwich into 1 1/2″ X 9″ slices, take a few hand stitches to form a slice into a circle, overlapping about 1/2″ (or glue the slice into a circle with a glue gun.) Loop another slice into that first one and repeat. One quilt sandwich should yield 24 slices which will give you about a 60″ garland. Pretty fun!
P.S. Who says the quilt sandwich has to be muslin? What a great way to use up old Christmas fabrics and increase your quilting skills all through the year!

And, I JUST noticed that little dark garland in the picture above… It is just 60 degree triangles (These look like they are 2″ or maybe 2 1/2″ tip to base) stitched in a chain across one edge!  Very Cute!  Make it in Christmas fabrics… Very Festive!  Make it from Sewing Motif fabrics for your sewing room! Inspirational!

20121221 070235 Gifts To Sew: Part Three
Hang your garland on your tree, across the mantle or (Gulp! Smile!) in your sewing room!

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20131201 183524 Gifts To Sew: Part Three

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    Thanks, Melinda. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    Great ideas! I love them. Thanks for sharing them!

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